Want to play beatmania-style games, but don’t have the turntable? Got a phone? Got a circle-shaped object? Now you have a turntable.

# Gyroscratch for Android

The first version was built for Android phones, written in Kotlin. It communicates with the computer via Bluetooth LE MIDI. It assumes that the game you’re playing supports MIDI input (Bemuse does). Otherwise, you can use an app that translates MIDI messages into gamepad input or keystrokes.

Source code on GitHub

I also tried it with a more challenging song:

It was quite a hassle to set up. So, the project remained a proof-of-concept…

Until 3 years later.

# Gyroscratch for Web

With the Web MIDI API, the MIDI BLE Connect app on Android and the Web MIDI Browser on iOS, mobile web applications can now make use of Bluetooth LE MIDI.

So, in March 2020, I ported Gyroscratch to the web.

Source code on GitHub

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