Insertion Sort Song

I tried to compose a song out of the Insertion Sort algorithm. This time the song has lyrics.

◆ Real drums by JuDrummer (opens new window)

◆ Vocals by pang.n (from KhongPangKhongKwan channel) (opens new window) (opens new window)

◆ Composed by dtinth (a.k.a. flicknote) (opens new window) (opens new window)

◆ How this is created
Starting with a shuffled array of note pitches, the Insertion Sort algorithm is used to sort this array from highest to lowest note. Each time it reads a value from the array, the corresponding note is generated. Using the resulting melody, I composed the accompaniment and produced the song in Logic Pro. Animation created using THREE.js with TypeScript, rendered using html5-animation-video-renderer and edited in Final Cut Pro.

◆ Lyrics:
Insertion sort… Do I belong here?
If so, I’ll stay… Or else I’ll move to the left