A collection of hackable web-based MIDI instruments, implemented as a MIDI controller.

I wanted to create a MIDI instrument that allows me to jam with other musicians. Web APIs allows user to interact with a webpage in multiple ways. With WebMIDICon, I can play MIDI with my PC keyboard, a touch screen such as an iPad, and more.

GitHub repository https://github.com/dtinth/WebMIDICon

# Demos

# Initial introduction at JSConf.Asia 2016

It is built to demonstrate the power of Web MIDI API and initially presented as a lightning talk at JSConf.Asia 2016.

# First presence in a collab

I later got a chance to collaborate on an anisong cover project with MindaRyn, and used WebMidiCon to finger-drum on an iPad.

# Jamming with other people

After that, I used WebMIDICon to jam with others in local events and conferences. I also sometimes posted video of me practicing PC-keyboarding.

In 2019, at JSConf.Asia 2019, WebMIDICon made a comeback. In { live : js } open jam session, I got a chance to jam with DESTROY WITH SCIENCE and Olivia Jack.

# Joypedal

In 2018, I added the Joypedal feature that lets me use a DualShock game controller to be used as a sustain foot pedal.

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