A song about unprocessed feelings.

This song is a submission (opens new window) to the BMS 衆議院選 (opens new window) event.

This is the first song in which I compose the lyrics on my own.

I also made the music video by myself, using THREE.js to generate the visualization based on MIDI data. Source code is available. (opens new window)

# Submission text

This is flicknote.
There were times when I feel something, but I don’t know what to do about it.
I made some music instead.

I put in several key modulations in the song to give it a bit of chaotic feeling.
I also added a vocal track to help better convey the message in this song.

For the vocals, I asked MindaRyn to help sing the vocals.
I made some parts of the vocals very low-pitched to give the feeling of self-reflection.
With the lowest note below the contralto range, I was a bit worried if she could sing it or not.
It turns out that she could sing it well. I was very impressed.
She also sang in another song of mine, “Everyday evermore”.
Please check out her channel (opens new window) for more of her vocal performances.

Before I finish producing this song, I got affected by RSI (反復運動過多損傷).
It caused pain in my hands.
Because of that, I could not create all the note charts for this song.
I asked Dolphin (opens new window) to help me design the note charts.
He helped create the NORMAL (4), HYPER (9) and ANOTHER (12) charts.
I made few minor adjustments afterwards.
I also created a PIANO (11) chart which only contains the piano notes.
With RSI, creating BMS is very exhausting.
I hope I will get well soon.

For the BGA, the visualization was generated procedurally using JavaScript code to process data from MIDI file.
I experimented by assigning a different color to each pitch class.
This allows you to also “see” the music in addition to hearing it.

I hope that you will enjoy this song!

# Lyrics

Every time that I see you…
Every time that I see you…

I don’t know what to say…
I don’t know what to think…
What made me feel this way?
What is going on??
My mind?!?

Every time that I see you
Cannot process that feeling
Do not know what to do

# Trivia