Bangkok Ipsum

Bangkok Ipsum is a webpage that lets you generate random Thai text.

Sometimes I just want a random Thai text to test my designs with. But existing random Thai text generator does not produce a result that I like. So, I created Bangkok Ipsum.

It uses a simple n-gram probabilistic text generator, trained on a corpus based on lyrics from BNK48 and Sweat16! idol groups.

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# 2018: Project inception

I built this project during The Stupid Hackathon Thailand #2 (opens new window) event in 2018.

# 2020: Updated model

In 2020, I updated the model to include phrases from more recent songs.

เมื่อสองปีที่แล้วเคยทำเว็บ เป็นเว็บไว้สร้างข้อความภาษาไทยมั่วๆ...

Posted by Thai Pangsakulyanont on Friday, August 7, 2020

I also added an about page (opens new window) that explains (in Thai language) how the text-generation algorithm works.

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