A song imitating northeastern Thailand-style music.

This song is a submission (opens new window) to the BOFU2016 - Legendary Again - (opens new window) event.

5argon helped create the MV for this song.

# Submission text

This year I wanted to make a song outside of my normal style.

“Mor lam sing” is a modern music genre in the northeastern Thailand.
It is based on an Isan/Lao music genre, “Mor lam,” or literally, “expert singer.”
The word “sing” comes from “racing,” which refers to the fast tempo.
It is a very popular genre in Thailand.

Although I don’t usually listen to this music style, I hear them everywhere.
In television. In taxis. In restaurants. In festivals. In concerts.
They are just everywhere.

I hear them so often that I thought,
“I wanna try compose a song with this style of music,
even when I don’t listen to them!”

I don’t know anyone who could sing in this genre,
so I can only make an instrumental version.

I also remember…
Last year, I got some comments during a BMS event.
They said they’d like to hear some Thai-style music.
That is also the inspiration for creating this song.
So here it is.

I hope you enjoy this song.

I also made another song in “TEAM-BMSON.”
It is a love song with vocals and lyrics in Thai.
Please check it out, I hope you also enjoy that!

--flicknote (@bemusegame)