Frontend knowledge quiz

How much do you know frontend? Find out by trying out this quiz!

# About this quiz

We used this quiz at the Code in the Dark Thailand: CNX 2019 event to select the contestants to participate in each qualification round. The difficulty of the questions here ranges from easy to ridiculous[1]. This quiz is not indicative of your skill.

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Round 1
  1. Which HTML tag is used for creating hyperlinks?

  2. How to make text italic?

  3. border-radius: 30px 60px 100px

  4. How to make flexbox go from left to right?

  5. border-color: lime magenta

  6. #6095EB

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Round 2
  1. Which is the HTML tag for numbered list?

  2. border-color: white black black white

  3. How to make text ALL CAPS using CSS?

  4. border-radius: ???

  5. rgb(1, 199, 129)

  6. transform: rotate(20deg)

  7. Which font is incorrect?

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Round 3
  1. How to strike out a text?

  2. display: flex;
    align-items: flex-end;
    justify-content: flex-start;

  3. Which CSS is invalid?

  4. linear-gradient(to top left, blue, cyan)

  5. Which font is incorrect?

  6. hsl(216, 70%, 63%)

  7. cubic-bezier(1,0,1,1)

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  1. In the first two events we noticed that some great developers chose to register as an observer and not a contestant because they are not confident enough in their skills.

    We changed that in the third event and ran 3 rounds of live quizzes with the whole audience, choosing top scorers in each round to become a contestant. As a side effect this also lets everyone participate. ↩︎