Everyday evermore

A hopeful love song.

This song is a submission (opens new window) to the BOFU2016 - Legendary Again - (opens new window) event.

# Karaoke

The karaoke-style text in the music video is done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is then composited into the video using iMovie.

On Sep 23, 2020 (4 year anniversary), the code that used to generate the karaoke overlay has been open-sourced.

Karaoke version https://dtinth.github.io/everydayevermore/

Source code on GitHub https://github.com/dtinth/everydayevermore

# Playable in Bemuse

You can play this song in the rhythm game Bemuse.

Play this song in Bemuse https://bemuse.ninja/?song=Everyday+evermore

# Submission text

作曲: flicknote
作詞: Dekdekbaloo vs flicknote
歌: MindaRyn
ギター: Dekdekbaloo
和訳: suitougreentea

This year I wanted to make a song outside of my normal style.
So, this year, I wanted to try making a pop-rock song, a love song.

Making this kind of song is not easy for me, given my personality.
I have never written any song with lyrics.
Let alone a love letter, or even a birthday card.
But I want to try anyway.

I could write only just a small verse.
After that, I don’t know what to write anymore.

I asked my musician friend (Dekdekbaloo (opens new window)) to help me complete the lyrics.
He also performed the guitar.
I’m amazed that he can play along with such a fast song.

MindaRyn (opens new window) provided the vocals.
Such a powerful vocal performance!

@suitougreentea (opens new window) also helped translate the song lyrics into Japanese.
I hope to make a longer version with Japanese vocals.

I appreciate everyone’s help in this project.

This song is based on piano and has intense drums.
Therefore, I have also included the [PIANO] and [DRUMS] charts.
I hope you will enjoy this song and its notecharts.

I also made another song in team “隊.”
In that song, I try to imitate a popular music style in northeastern Thailand.
I hope to convey the feeling of Thai-style music.
Please check it out, and I hope you also enjoy that!

flicknote (@bemusegame)

You can follow and see more of MindaRyn’s work here:

FB: Natcha Pongsupanee
IG: mijung_devil
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI3GAvwaZwf1abbeREza8eA

This is the first song that I recorded with an electric guitar.
I usually play acoustic guitar and sing pop songs.

Collaborating with this project reminded me of the time
when I was so much into music games such as DJ MAX, O2Jam, Osu etc.
I am not that good at playing these games but I love music
and many songs in the games are so well produced.
I got goosebumps whenever I listen to one of these songs.
I almost forgot that I really wanted to compose songs for music games at least once.
This brings back good old memories.

After listening to the song
I've already felt the notes moving around on the game screen.
The main idea is to make the notes sound fun to play.
I slowly went through each section
and put notes on each along with these crazy chord progressions we have.

For the lyrics,
I added the melody notes first and think up of a way to tell a love story.
This is not a happy ending song nor a sad dramatic love story.
I want listeners to feel about the time when you fell in love
and you were really happy just by thinking of someone.
So, combined with main theme of the chorus part,
I created a back story which clarifies and connect all of the parts together
leading to a wonderful ending.

Make sure you listen to all parts in this masterpiece bits by bits.
It shows you the blend of each unique artists' style which deliver to you awesomeness!

I also wrote several songs and published with a record label "Garden Music" in Thailand.
Please kindly check them out!


ついでに、私の作品「Piece of Mine (opens new window)」もよろしくお願いします。


# Lyrics (Thai)

ฉัน ฉันนั้นโชคดีเหลือเกิน
ทำให้เราได้รักกัน มีวันเวลาที่สวยงาม
เพราะเธอ เพราะเธอ

คิด ฉันคิดถึงเธอเหลือเกิน
แม้วันเวลาที่ผ่านมา ทำให้เธอนั้นหายไป


อยากให้เธอได้ยินว่าฉันรักเธอ จริงจริง

รักเธอ รักเธอ
รักเธอ รักเธอ

# Lyrics Meaning (English)

How—how fortunate I am
That I have found you here in my life
Love that we have cared and all good times that we shared
All because of you, because of you

Miss—I miss you all this time
I just wish that you were by my side
’cause what we have been through separated you away
But in my heart all these moments stay

Revolvin’ around, spinnin’ around
Time is never gonna wait for anyone
Despite how far
I’ll wait for you
And I will say I…

Love you everyday
Love you evermore
Wish you’re stayin’ with me here, always
’cause I still love you everyday
And miss you every night
Wish you’d know I love you ’til the end of time

Wanna say I
Love you, Love you
Love you, Love you
But now I only can dream of you alone