A programmable foot pedal for your iPad and Node.js.

iPedal creates a web server that can be accessed through an iPad, which is then used as a foot pedal.

It also exposes a socket.io-based API that other applications can connect to be notified when the pedal is being pressed or released. The ipedal npm package (opens new window) provides an easy-to-use client library for Node.js.

const pedal = require('ipedal').client('http://localhost:10001/')
pedal.on('down', () => console.log('pedal is down'))
pedal.on('up', () => console.log('pedal is up'))

# History

I created iPedal for use in my talk VIM tips, technique, scripts, plugins.

In that talk, there was a lot of live demos. To make the demos easy-to-understand, I created a software that display the keystrokes typed. But since in the demos I need both of my hands to type Vim commands, I needed a way to control it without using my hands. And hence this project was born.

GitHub repository https://github.com/dtinth/iPedal

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