A speedy carnival-style song.

This song is a submission (opens new window) to the Be Happiness!!!! (opens new window) event.

# Submission text

Hello! My name is flicknote.

This BMS is an adaptation of a short song I composed 1 year ago.

I started composing the BMS version just before the registration period began.
I have only 2 days to submit this song. Therefore, this song is done in a rush.

My main objective is to practice making BMS quickly.
So the song is not very well polished and the BMS has only one level.
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy playing this song.

Thank you for playing!
— flicknote

Unfortunately, in a rush, I didn’t read the event rules carefully, in particular, the part about using pseudonym (fake name). Therefore, this song is disqualified from participating in the event. Next time I will have to read the rules more carefully.