Synchronous remote collaboration

I strongly believe most MVPs can be shipped in a day, otherwise, the scope may likely be larger than it should.

I demonstrate it in this video, which is a recap of my livestream on Facebook. This was one of my most productive livestreams to date, so I thought I’d condense that 3-hour livestream into a recap video.

Creating a website usually requires collaboration between multiple teams, such as content, design, and development teams. And usually each team would create the work and hand them off to the other team.

But many times, there are dependency between teams, causing work to be blocked. As a result, sometimes, it might take weeks or even months just to ship an MVP.

Last week, I and the JavaScript Bangkok production team gathered together remotely to work on the website. We tried using tools to allow us to work remotely and collaborate in real-time. And within less than 6 hours, we were able to transform the web page that has just the teaser into a web page that has the necessary information about the coinference.

And in the final 3 hours, we went on a livestream. And in this video, I highlighted what happened in that livestream.